The Classroom

The Classroom

*| Classes are currently postponed until further notice |*

Introductory level Fine Arts Classes taught by Brittany Selfe are held in your classroom, home, or public space. This Summer I will be posting a curriculum that either exists in the virtual world, or at a designated public location. Please follow Creative Spirit Studio’s on Facebook to see our most current class schedule. 

Classes are also available as Private Lesson 4 Week packages (4, two-hour sessions total). Please contact Brittany to schedule and for pricing.

Extended Fine Arts Courses

Drawing Basics

Introduction to drawing covers the basics in pencil, charcoal and colored pencil, dealing with composition, contour, value, and perspective. Studies of still life, architecture, and more. 

Figure & Portrait Drawing

Delve into the world of the human figure. We will work on self portraiture and drawing from live models in various media such as charcoal, ink, pencil and pastel. 

Watercolor 101

Learn how to mix colors, apply various brush strokes, and pick up techniques of painting different subject matters with this beautiful medium.

Intro to Acrylic Painting

An inviting medium, acrylic paints come in all colors. Your instructor will guide you along as you explore the endless possibilities of this medium, different surfaces for painting, the many brush sizes and shapes, and much more in this introductory level course.

Oil Painting for Dummies

Does oil paint intimidate you? No longer! This entry level course will encouraged the absolute novice to explore the joy of oil paint. It is a flexible and beautiful medium with endless potential if you just give it a chance.


Dates coming soon. Prices to be announced. 

I am also available to host a creative activity at your event. Catered to corporate team-building activities, private parties and themed workshops. Art is the best thing for collaborative activity!

*Available once social distancing requirements are lifted.