Creative Spirit Studios is a for-profit business designed by artists for artists. We encourage people to get out of their homes, come together and make, share and enjoy their art. We are asking for your support in setting up our studio space. Your patronage helps fuel the beginning of this creative journey. We truly, truly appreciate you!

consider sponsoring our studio Startup Fund...

Why will my donation do? Your one-time financial contribution to this vision will help propel us quickly into our building and supply the initial orders of materials and furniture necessary to open our doors. We want to be creative and have fun with the initial design of the space, and any extra funds we have will be put to good use!

How else can I help? In an effort to be sustainable and environmentally conscious, we prefer if our furnishings and equipment come with a little character. “Previously loved” is what we are after. If you have any chairs, tables, shelves, or desks that need a new home, please let us know! We can arrange drop off or pickup where applicable.

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Paulina Martinez

Teresa Bendele

Mark Sandor

Kolman Rosenberg

Brandon Selfe

Ben Leiken

Hayley Hansen

Megan Nelson

Abigail Jordan Photography

David Paynter

John & Barbara Kolat

Rebere Sparks

Megan John