Creative Spirit Studios dreams to become a cozy art room spot to call home for artists and creative beings in the area. What area you ask? Generally speaking, Lake and Geauga County. Currently the studio exists in my home, and remotely through virtual resources. But one day the goal is to have a physical, public location to invite everyone into. 

Thank you to the Initial sponsors of the studio Start-up Fund!

Why will my donation do? Your one-time financial contribution to this vision helped us lay the foundation and test run some of the class offerings for the future studio. 

How else can I help? In an effort to be sustainable and environmentally conscious, and time you come across unused materials that could be helpful to an artist, let me know! I’m always willing to take easels, picture frames, desks and materials. Especially crafting supplies and kids art items! Just send me a message and I’ll arrange pick up.

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Paulina Martinez

Teresa Bendele

Mark Sandor

Kolman Rosenberg

Brandon Selfe

Ben Leiken

Hayley Hansen

Megan Nelson

Abigail Jordan Photography

David Paynter

John & Barbara Kolat

Rebere Sparks

Megan John