Sea Glass Decor Workshops

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? I’ve got two crafty workshops to honor the fun of finding treasures along the shore; Sea Glass Wall Hangings and Mosaics. In these workshops I provide a wide variety of found and purchased glass, driftwood, pallets, glue, wire, etc. necessary to make these beautiful creations. And I recommend bringing your own treasures; shells, rocks, glass, beads to add to your art.

This event was recently hosted by a local beach association in Eastlake, OH. They brought their creativity (and the wine) and with simple instruction and encouragement, everyone walked away with something to be proud of. The Sea Glass Mosaics were done on a white-washed pallet board with a simple cutout design, glass pieces and super glue. The Wall Hangings were hung from locally sourced driftwood found on the beach of Lake Erie. I’ve hosted this class since then and everyone continually surprises me with their inventive compositions and wire-wrapping methods.

In this video tutorial that I made, you will see how a basic wire-wrapped Sea Glass Wall Hangings is made. Each workshop participant will select driftwood, wire finish (copper, gold, silver), glass layout and design shape. Each creation is unique! View the gallery below to see more examples from this workshop.

Thumbnail linking to my tutorial of making a Sea Glass Wall Hanging on Youtube
Click this image to view the video on Youtube!
This is all of the sea glass available to choose from for making your art.
My assortment of glass! So many colors!
A happy shot of the ladies working o their crafts.

These classes are available while supplies last! Book yours today! Open to groups of 5 to 15, ages 14+.

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