Studio Artists

Brittany Selfe is an oil painter, illustrator and watercolor artist. She is also a mom and birth works enthusiast. After studying under the late Irene Sukle for four years in high school, she went on to pursue art professionally. Brittany has exhibited her art in galleries and art centers around Northeast Ohio and has work currently on display at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport. 

She is the mother of Creative Spirit Studios. This vision is a passion of hers where she hopes to see the vibrancy and positivity of her school experience be made available to this community. You can find more about her work here:

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Heather Hansen is a student of life and child of mother nature. While inherently a creator, she was propelled into the arts by the illustrious Irene Sukle. Since those instructive years of high school, Heather has spent time experimenting with medium expression and application. She works mostly in acrylic, but approaches her art with a sustainable intention. She incorporates nature into art, and upcycles urban foraged materials wherever possible. 

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