Porch Redesign- Let’s Come Together

Hello and thanks for popping in. I’m inviting you to help redesign my back patio during this weird time where we can’t actually get together, but I want to be ready for when we can. Summer is coming, and the restrictions will lift when it is safe to do so. If you’re like me, you’re starved for a bonfire, barbeque, playdate or afternoon coffee with a friend! We have taken some measures to renovate and finally finish off our screened porch, but now is the fun part and I need your help! In my opinion, design work is the best stage of a renovation. I love looking at Pinterest and Instagram for ideas. The problem is, everything in the images is not always available for sale (or it’s really freaking expensive), so I will run out to my favorite stores like garage sales, resale shops, Kohl’s, and TJ Maxx to find everything. Obviously I can’t really do that, and just shy of sitting on my couch perusing the internet and ordering everything to my door, I had an idea…

This is the rug, and some of the view of the backyard.
Was thinking about a firewood storage unit here, for easy access.
This wall will be covered with dark stained wood paneling like what’s on the ceiling.

More than anything, my back porch represents a place where friends will gather, family will hang out, and memories will be made. So I really don’t want generic, mass-produced, bought-in-one-day kind of items to fill it with. We have the general furniture (couch, chair and coffee table) and I got this awesome burgundy/burnt orange/brown rug. But that’s about it. Dave finished the ceiling with brown planks, and will be continuing that look down the wall that currently has siding on it. So I’m looking for you to help me with the rest! If you have something lying around that you want to get rid of, I’d be happy to consider taking it. If you’ve recently seen a listing on-line or know somewhere that is selling the perfect pillow, end table, macrame or piece please comment the link! Submit photos of art, windchimes, (fake) plants, or anything that you think would really help liven up this spot. I want to support local businesses, artists, and create memories with my friends through this project. I’ve got some stimulus money set aside for this project, but I’m looking for meaningful pieces.

This is some inspiration art I found on Pinterest.
I’m in love with this vibe… image found on Pinterest.

In terms of style, here are the best words I can think to describe the vibe: Earthy, Bohemian, African, Native American, Hand-made. I love nature, I love warm earth tones, and natural texture. The porch gets terrible natural light, so unfortunately it’s not great for live plants, ironically. But I’d love some convincing fake plants if you know of any good ones. Feel free to share. Local pickup/drop off can be arranged in the Chardon area.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being a friend, and I appreciate you! Please submit images of items you have, or links to things you’ve found below. Or, you can email me at brittany@letscreatecle.com

Be well,


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