Popular Party Ideas

Popular Party Ideas

Remember being a kid? Getting your hands dirty, making something out of nothing, having a tangible experience that you shared with your peers? That was the LIFE. Have we stepped so far away from that because of technology? Maybe it’s just part of #adulting that means we can’t have fun and do messy things. Well that is a straight up LIE.

We have hosted all sorts of messy, fun, creative art parties with all kinds of adults. And they are a ton of fun. Examples of some of the fun we’ve had include painting from a beautiful still life floral arrangement, pouring liquid paint on a canvas and watching beauty (and sometimes mess) unfold before our eyes, learning to use oil paints “like the professionals” and even painting with our coworkers. Who’d a thunk that it would be so cool to work on something as a team when none of the team members thought they had the ability to paint?

Yes, we have done all these things and more, and I wanted to take this opportunity to show you some examples of the fun we’ve had. I know you’re jealous and want to know how to get in on the action. So I invite you to reach out to me, let me know your inner desires of artistic expression. We can come up with a completely customized, incredibly satisfying way to get our hands dirty together and MAKE SOMETHING.

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