Making a Sea Glass Wall Hanging

Making a Sea Glass Wall Hanging

Hello and welcome to my tutorial for making a Wall Hanging out of sea glass, driftwood and wire. This is a great use for that huge collection of beach treasures you have lying around! Since I started making these I can’t spend even a minute of my time at the beach without bending over and hunting for those lovely tumbled pieces of colorful goodness. I have had great luck finding cool pieces of driftwood when I scour the beach after a stormy day. Surprisingly enough, there is a lot of glass to be found along the shores of Lake Erie. Alternatively, a handful of sellers from around the world offer their mermaid boxes and colorful finds on This tutorial also exists in video form on my Youtube channel via this link.

A lovely assortment of glass, shells, wire, and wood.

To get started, I suggest taking the time to sort through your glass by color and size. For these projects any shape, length and size driftwood will work, depending on your end goal. The longer the wood, the more glass you should use to balance out the look. Michaels craft supply store sells a lovely floral wire in Gold, Silver and Copper for only a few bucks. Be sure to pick up the color that will compliment your project the most. You will also need either a pair of scissors or wire snips, and some twine.

A complicated design with beads, rocks and shells.

Once your materials are all laid out you can begin to consider your layout. I suggest laying out all of the pieces, patterns and lengths that you wish to achieve before wrapping anything. When you’re committed to the design, you can begin! Create a loop at the end of your wire by looping and twisting. Each row of glass should be wrapped with a continuous strand of wire. Do not cut off of your spool until you’ve finished the strand. (If you’re adding beads throughout the strand you will have to cut the wire so it can pass through the bead. I recommend cutting more than you think you will need.)

Simple wrapping is still functional.
Wrap it tightly!

When wrapping your wire around the glass, be sure to criss cross in at least two directions. If you’ve done this correctly, only one pass each way is needed to hold the glass in place, but I typically wrap it at least twice in each direction because the wire really accents the glass nicely. To secure the piece, before moving down the line, twist the wire directly above the glass and run it down the backside to the next piece. At the end of a run, loop the wire back up above the bottom piece of glass and twise the end of the wire into place.

Each column of glass should be constructed independently from the diftwood. When you’ve finished all of your wrapping, it’s time to add the strands to the wood. Cutting a length of wire sufficient to wrap your wood 3-4 times, you’ll run it through the loop at the top of your strands and wrap around the driftwood to secure it in place. Again, twist the ends tightly to hold the strand in place. Top your creation with a string of twine for easy hanging and Voilá! You’re done! Hang it on a wall or in a window and enjoy the beauty of your creation. Share photos of your craft!!

Thanks for reading and happy creating! Leave your questions and comments below,


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