How Do I Fit?

How Do I Fit?

People of all creative abilities and goals are welcome in our space. If you think this studio is the most amazing and inspiring space you’ve found in a long time, consider becoming a member. You get perks like unlimited Open Studio time, discounts in our store, and more!

A key element to our order of operations is something we call “Open Studio” time. This is a window of time where our entire studio is open to anyone wishing to get together and make art. Regular Open Studio sessions happen Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 8pm. Come in, set up and stay for a while!

Considering MEmbership?

Our memberships are designed to support your goals to make more art. Whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist or professional, spending more time in the studio will be good for you!

Studio Member

For creators who take their craft seriously enough to invest a minimum of once a week in their work, a membership is a great option! Save on studio access with unlimited visits during all business hours. Members receive storage space for art supplies which makes set up easier for more efficient time management. If a designated work space is important to you, consider a Resident Artist Membership below.

Recurring Membership Rates:

Adult- $39/ month

Teen/College Student- $29/ month

*One time set up fee $252

*Family Packages Available

Resident Artist

Hello to my full time artists! Secure a dedicated studio in our building to make your art, and become a pivotal part of our creative community. By becoming a Resident Artist you gain exclusive access to studio events, and collaborative projects with other artists. Visit and tour our space to see exactly what we mean.

Submit your Application today! Applying artists should send 10 examples of their work, a personal bio, their social media handles, and description of their goals as a creator. 

E-mail your applications to

Call for pricing and to schedule a tour.

Studio spaces are a minimum of 12′ x 10′

*one time set up fee $50