The Vision

The Vision

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The “Art Room” is an active source of encouragement, excitement and possibility to each creative person. I believe every person is imbued with their own creative ability. We invite you to define your artistic expression, and surround yourself with others who are yearning to play. Make Art. Share Art. Spread Joy. 

Our mission is simple: To provide a safe space, equipped with knowledgeable and motivated artists, and cultivate the energy and personal desire to make art. People of every level of talent and ambition find their place in our Art Room and hone their inner creative spirit. To foster lifelong friendships and support for talented people achieving their life goals through art. 

Brittany Selfe, mother of this vision, is a professional artist primarily focused in oil painting. Her commitment to art took root during the four years she spent studying under Irene Sukle. When pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Wright State University, she learned that all art teachers were not created equal. Following college, she returned to her hometown of Cleveland to take various day jobs over the years and continued to grow her portfolio from her home studio. From 2014-16 she managed the gallery and workshop operations of The Glass Asylum in Chagrin Falls. In 2017 she became a mother, and within the next year illustrated the book and card series titled, “Inspired Birth- Affirmations for the Childbearing Year“.

Her current portfolio can be viewed on-line at and she posts works in progress on her Instagram @bertself.