What a weird world we have stepped into. Everything came crashing to a stop in March. April and May were one long pause. And now it’s June…

There are aspects of the art world that are opening back up with modified capacities; galleris, art lessons and small art groups are meeting via video. One thing that proved its resilience during this pandemic: the creative spirit. Truly, people have been operating from a new place of creativity, love and inspiration. Art finds a way and in fact becomes more necessary during moments of anxiety, uncertainty, and rough transition. 

In response to the economic situation of our country, and the lack of clarity around public gatherings, I have chosen to shift gears with our finding-a-building situation. Myself and a group of collaborators are working to bring a new plan to the table, and when all the stars align it will become a very, VERY cool thing. Going forward, all newsletter updates will include information about that, any events or shows (virtual or real) that are coming up, and announcements about my art sales.

I am so grateful for your support during this journey, and I hope you’ve stayed creative during these last few months. Let’s move forward and create something even better than we ever dreamed!

Be well & Create On!